Wednesday's Child: Wendy is hoping to find a bilingual and loving forever family

Last month was Emmy Award season and we continue highlighting youth in foster care who maintained award-winning vigor in advocating for themselves to find forever families. 

This week we bring you back to Doris Bergman’s 11th Annual Emmy Luxury Lounge & Luncheon with one of our own Wednesday’s Child celebs, Wendy. Wendy was one of our VIPs being gifted by Hype Shoes, Milena’s Candles and My Saint My Hero to name just a few.

Wendy (b. November 2006) is a friendly yet somewhat shy teen in foster care with a sometimes hidden funny side that emerges as you get to know her.   

Wendy is a very relational teen and connecting with people is important to her. What she loves most about school are her friends and the bond she has with teachers who are her role models. Still a kid at heart in many ways, Wendy still likes playing hide-and-go-seek. She also enjoys going to the swimming pool and spending time at the beach.

As for career pursuits, Wendy is interested in exploring law enforcement and thinks becoming a police detective could be interesting. Wendy is very attuned to her cultural roots, is primarily Spanish-speaking and really enjoys Mexican cultural traditions and celebrations. Finding a family that is bi-lingual in Spanish and English and supportive of preserving her cultural heritage is important to Wendy.

What Wendy liked most about her day with us was receiving a "blessings" bracelet from My Saint My Hero. Our wish for Wendy is for her to be blessed with the loving forever family she deserves. Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and then call to learn more about Wendy and about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).