Wednesday's Child: Maya would love to join a family 'team' with open minds, accepting spirits

Mayalove – who goes by "Maya" – is an endearing, just-barely-a teen in foster care with an open heart and open mind. Maya likes sports and staying active, but she can also get into having some downtime for just gaming or watching TV.

As a Dodgers fan, Maya was up for a chance to go down on the field at Dodger Stadium to watch some batting practice, secure an autograph or two, and even try her hand at sports reporting!

When one first meets and spends a little time with Maya, she may seem quiet.  But don’t mistake her quietness for non-interest, as Maya tends to observe and take in the energy around her as she finds her own way to connect with you. Maya shared that she enjoys playing volleyball and added that she really loved her day chilling with her favorite baseball team. 

Maya (b. August 2010) is unsure of what her career trajectory might look like, but she’s a kind and helpful soul and would like to explore something in the helping professions. Maya enjoys the company of other children, but really gravitates towards role models. 

Maya is hoping to join a family "team" whose members have open hearts, open minds and accepting spirits similar to her own.  And while she knows she’ll need support and help as she creates her college and career goals down the line, for now Maya simply wants to belong and to share life with a safe and loving forever family. 

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