Wednesday's Child: Brothers Jarkies and Marquel looking to be reunited in one home

Meet Jarkies and Marquel, two fun-loving, closely-bonded brothers with distinct personalities and interests. A commonality they share is that they enjoy each other’s company and appreciate each other’s characteristics. We chose a unifying activity at Color Me Mine in Whittier, California, to sit down to paint and chat with these two brothers.

Jarkies, 11, is a happy and outgoing boy. He is very active and is often busy engaging in new interests. Jarkies is academically inclined and is interested in people and society, so much so that he gravitates towards social studies. Jarkies loves art and can spend a good period of time just drawing whatever he envisions in his mind. He also enjoys building things with LEGOs and, of course, watching YouTube. Jarkies may seem like an introvert at first, but he’s got a funny and complex sense of humor.  Jarkies likes to help around the house with tasks such as cleaning his room, folding his clothes or cleaning up the table after meals. For his Color Me Mine project he chose a mug with an emoji.

Marquel, 9, is playful, free-spirited and energetic. He loves to have fun with his friends and loves sports – mainly NFL football.  It was no surprise that for his Color Me Mine project, he chose to paint a football.

Marquel also enjoys going swimming, riding his bike and playing video games. He, too, has an artistic side that shows through in his coloring, drawing and building things out of LEGOs. Like his brother, Marquel tends to keep his room tidy. Marquel enjoys going to school and benefits from extra support services. Marquel thinks he’d like to be a comedian someday.

Both boys have very loving and considerate spirits and show affection in varied ways, and their displays are endearingly authentic. Unfortunately, they do not reside with one another. Jarkies and Marquel both desire to have a forever family that will reunite them and raise them together.

Tune in to Wednesday’s Child to see more of these two brothers, and then call to learn more about adopting at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).