Wednesday's Child: Akayla wants a nurturing family that loves animals

Akayla, 12, is a sweet, thoughtful, and somewhat introverted pre-teen in foster care. 

At first contact, Akayla can be somewhat shy; but once she starts to get to know someone, conversations begin and Akayla will start to share what matters to her. To help get Akayla more at ease with presenting herself, we made a visit to the Michael Vincent Academy, one of the top make-up schools in Los Angeles, for an age-appropriate makeover and photo session starring Akayla.

Things got started with the foundation and a host of foundational techniques that are industry secrets. With so many pros fussing over her, Akayla just had to "be" and let the experts reveal their talent. Akayla admits she was a bit out of her comfort zone, but in the end, she rocked her new look and had no difficulty striking a pose alongside a mentor model who was showing her the ropes.

Akayla’s favorite subject in school is science, and she has her eyes set on attending UCLA to become a teacher. Akayla is currently in a girls' empowerment group and would like to someday use the role of educator to help future children with similar stories like hers. Akayla also likes athletics and is currently on the track team. She would really like to be part of an adoptive family and to hold that membership and the privileges it entails while also maintaining her connection with her biological siblings. 

Akayla says she is open to any family type, with or without other children, and would love a nurturing family that, like her, loves animals. Our hope is that Akayla finds an open, loving, supportive and nurturing adoptive family who will help her define and secure the bright future she deserves.

Tune in to Wednesday’s Child to see more of Akayla and then give us a call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367) to learn more about adopting.