Wednesday's Child: Adoptive family enjoying world of sports

'Tis the season for a lot sports action. Baseball is gearing up. Football season just ended. Basketball is in full swing. 

So on that note, in this Wednesday's Child story, we check in with an adoptive family that is very into sports!

Shawn Williams, 18, has played all three sports. He picked up a baseball glove for the first time through his adoptive father, Jared Williams.

He also has childhood basketball memories. As a child "we'd literally go to the park from sun up to sun down and just shoot hoops,"

Shawn, and his older brother Davion were once in foster care and adopted into the Williams family. Parents Kelly and Jared had two birth sons and had already adopted a girl, Maya. All of the kids were active in youth sports.

Dad Jared was a long-time Pop Warner football coach even leading his team to Pop Warner Super Bowl games! He coached Shawn for one of those seasons.

This is Shawn's senior year in high school and he is the youngest Williams son.

He played on his high school football team to the delight of his parents. Last year, he played baseball for Villa Park high school in Orange County. This spring, he will be running track.

Next year, Shawn plans to go to a junior college. Davion works and is going to welding school. He's been able to fit in a few of his little brother's football games.

Wednesday's Child is a long-running segment on FOX 11 News showcasing children in foster care in need of adoptive homes. Their segment was at Dodger Stadium. No surprise to hear the Dodgers are Shawn's favorite pro baseball team!