'Wedding Swindler' allegedly scammed vendors of nearly $22,000

No one could blame a man for wanting the perfect wedding for his future husband.

The groom, Jose Loera, allegedly signed contracts with multiple third-party service companies and musicians. However, FOX 11 spoke with three people who claim the groom swindled out of their money, their time and trust.

"He told me, 'Cinthia, I'm super happy with you, thank you so much. Thank you for everything. You were the best,'" Cinthia Huamn of Alan Party Services said.

Jose gave Cinthia a check for nearly $2,000.

Cinthia was then told the check did not work. The check was missing information and was allegedly more than what the groom owed. Cinthia called the whole process fishy.

At least another vendor who FOX 11 spoke with also allegedly ended up with bad checks from the apparent "Wedding Swindler." 

Javier "DJ Kepler" Martinez worked three days to set up and take down lights, staging and then provided was the DJ for the reception.

DJ Kepler had to track Loera down at his home in Covina asking for the $5,000 that was owed to the vendor.

But just like the check for Alan Party Services, the check wasn't good.

The alleged victims are owed more than $22,000 in total, FOX 11 was told.

FOX 11 tried to get a hold of Loera and his newlywed groom, De'Marco Scott, but neither could be reached for comment before the 5 p.m. newscast Wednesday.