'We need help': Stranded Lake Arrowhead residents plead for assistance amid food, medication shortages

Across San Bernardino County's mountain communities, some families have remained stranded in the snow for more than a week.

As they remain snowed in, some have expressed concerns about running out of food, supplies and medication. 

On social media, Michelle Calkins, of Lake Arrowhead, took to social media to tell viewers that her community is "screaming and begging" for help from the state.

"We need help," Calkins said in the video. "People are trapped in their homes. They can not get medicine, heart medicine, insulin. The stories could go on and on."

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Calkins told FOX 11 the panic is setting in.

"People are panicking left and right. We've had roofs starting to cave in. Houses are blowing up because of gas leaks and catching on fire. And these are real things that are happening here," she said Thursday.

The National Guard is making its way to San Bernardino County – which comes hours after Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state of emergency for California counties, including San Bernardino.

Calkins said she hopes help comes sooner rather than later.

"Soon as that National Guard comes around the corner, I'm going to need a sign, you know, like a ‘Thank You!’" she said.