Video: 'Spunky' husky rescued from storm drain

A "spunky" escape artist found himself stuck in a storm drain after getting away from his owners in Kentucky.

Video shared by Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control shows rescuers helping Sebastian the husky get freed from a precarious spot.

"Sebastian, had always wanted to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but instead, found himself face to face with a couple of Animal Control Officers!" the agency joked on Facebook.


Sebastian the husky was rescued from a storm drain (Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control)

Fortunately, officers were able to easily free Sebastian and get him reunited with his owners.

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"We love happy endings!" the agency said.

Huskies are working dogs and infamously known for their Houdini-like escape skills. They’re naturally curious, prey-driven and easily bored. Experts say they require a lot of exercise.