VIDEO: Man climbs utility pole in Los Angeles, begins catcalling joggers, pulling out wires

A woman in the Palms area of Los Angeles woke up to an unusual sight on Thursday morning when she saw a man climb up a utility pole and pull out some of the wires.

Twitter user "publius nixon" posted a video of the incident on Twitter, tagging the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, with the caption, "This intoxicated gentleman woke me up around 6a by catcalling joggers and yanking loudly at wires. Might want to double check connections?"

The woman who took the video told FOX 11 that around 5:50 a.m. she heard a man, who appeared to be inebriated, catcalling joggers and singing loudly outside of her second-story window. After 10 minutes, she went to her window to see what was going on and noticed the man yanking at cables and kicking the boxes on the utility pole.

The woman said she recorded the man for about eight minutes.

"He seemed to get bored, so he climbed down on his own, threw some loose wood scraps around on the construction site and then left," she said.

A representative with LADWP told FOX 11 that once they were notified of the incident, a crew was dispatched to the location to investigate. When they arrived, the man was gone. LADWP said that no damage was done to any of its wires or electrical boxes, but explained that the utility pole in question also holds cable and telephone lines that may have been impacted.

The Los Angeles Police Department told FOX 11 that they responded to the scene on Thursday morning but were unable to provide any additional information.