UK singer Lily Allen jokes having kids 'totally ruined' her career

Singer Lily Allen attends the EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 at The Royal Opera House on February 16, 2014 in London, England.

British pop star Lily Allen, best known for hits like "Smile" and "Not Fair," humorously remarked that while her children bring her immense joy and fulfillment, they also significantly derailed her career.

In a recent interview on the Radio Times podcast published on Monday, she quipped about the impact of motherhood on her professional trajectory, stating that her children "complete" her but "totally ruined" her path to pop stardom. 

Allen admitted to not having a concrete career strategy but acknowledged the undeniable influence of parenthood on her professional endeavors.

"I mean, I love them, and they complete me, but in terms of pop stardom, totally ruined it," Allen joked. 

"It really annoys me when people say you can have it all because, quite frankly, you can’t," the singer continued. "Some people choose their career over their children and that’s their prerogative."

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Allen has primarily found success in her career within the UK, boasting three number-one hits and 15 tracks in the Top 40. Her debut album, "Alright Still," featuring popular tracks like "Smile" and "LDN," propelled her to fame and earned her a nomination for Best Alternative Music Album at the 2008 Grammy Awards. 

At 38 years old, Allen recalled on the podcast that she made a conscious decision to prioritize raising her two daughters, whom she shares with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, a well-known builder and decorator. Currently, Allen is married to "Stranger Things" star David Harbour.

This choice stemmed from her own childhood experiences, where she felt her parents, actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, were emotionally absent. Notably, Allen is the sibling of "Game of Thrones" actor Alfie Allen, who portrays Theon Greyjoy. 

Reflecting on her upbringing, Allen expressed a desire to break the cycle of emotional absence for her own children, stating, "I feel like that really left some nasty scars that I’m not willing to repeat [on my children]." 

Consequently, she opted to step back from her career and focus on her daughters. She believes this decision has contributed to their development into well-rounded individuals, a choice for which she's grateful.