Trump: Would love to run vs. Newsom, California in 'a lot of trouble'

Former President Donald Trump made a brief West Los Angeles stop for some ice cream after making an appearance at the California Republican Convention Friday.

During the brief West LA stop at a Carvel, FOX 11's Elex Michaelson got a chance to ask the former Commander in Chief a couple of questions, including his message to California voters.

"It's in a lot of trouble," Trump said in response to Michaelson's question. "Californians are doing very badly and we'll turn it around. The whole country is going to be turned around."

Speaking of California, Michaelson asked Trump if he'd like to run against Governor Gavin Newsom. 

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Trump's response?

"I'd love to see him," Trump said, if Biden weren't going to run in 2024.

The former President, however, did say Biden will likely "limp" his way to the 2024 Presidential race.

Should Trump earn the GOP nod, he will be 78 and Biden will be 81 by the beginning of November 2024.

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