'Trump: Go Directly to Jail!' Protesters out in Anaheim ahead of Trump speaking at GOP convention

Former President Donald Trump is set to make an appearance Friday at the Anaheim Marriott for the GOP convention in Orange County. This event is met with resistance from local Democrats, who are planning a lively protest under the theme of the classic board game Monopoly, complete with signs, costumes, and festive spirit.

Five Democratic Party organizations from across Southern California are joining forces to voice their opposition to Trump's policies and actions. The San Bernardino County Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Orange County, Los Angeles County Democratic Party, California Young Democrats, and Grassroots Democrats HQ are all uniting against Trump's return to the political stage.

One of the key points of contention is Trump's economic legacy. His administration left office with nearly three million fewer jobs than when it began, marking the first time this has happened since the Great Depression. Democrats argue that Trump's economic policies favored big corporations at the expense of the middle class and had a detrimental impact on autoworkers, ultimately leading to job losses and the outsourcing of employment opportunities.

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"Trump’s extreme MAGAnomics agenda hurt autoworkers, shipped jobs overseas, and lined the pockets of big corporations at the expense of the middle class," stated Ada Briceño, Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County. "Democrats are determined to win in 2024 because our values reflect policies that help everyday Americans and protect our Democracy."

The shadow of Trump's alleged misconduct also looms large. San Bernardino County Democratic Party Chair Kristin Washington voiced concerns about the indictment of the leading candidate of a major political party for attempting to overthrow free and fair elections. Washington stated, "The last thing any American needs is to relive that madness."

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez emphasized the importance of rectifying the perceived damage done by Trump's policies: "In the wake of Trump's policies, immigrant families were torn apart, our economy left in disarray, and our global reputation mocked. Re-electing President Joe Biden is our lifeline to correct these egregious wrongs, to rebuild our nation's pride, and to restore our standing in the world."

Giovanni Chavez, President of California Young Democrats, expressed concern about Trump's ongoing efforts to undermine the democratic process. Chavez commented, "Former President Trump is actively trying to overthrow our democracy and run our country into the ground. While he's in jail, we will deal with his failure to act on climate change and the damage he’s done to our democratic process. Young people will turn out in 2024 to make sure he doesn’t make it back to the White House."

Melissa Grant, President of the Grassroots Democrats HQ, underscored the shift within the Republican Party, stating, "Republicans have made it clear: the GOP is now the Party of Trump. We can’t go back to Trump’s disastrous policies that led to millions of job losses, rampant corruption, and the repeal of our freedoms that we hold so dear."