Top things to know about the iPhone X

One of the features that has become synonymous with iPhone is the camera. People love to take tons of photos with their iPhones, which causes another issue…. FULL STORAGE. How many have had an issue when it's time to download that new Operating System update because their phones are full. Our first tip kills two birds with one stone.

Now your photos and videos will take up a little less than half the space that they used to.

And of course there are the ANIMATED EMOJIS OR ANIMOJI. These use those depth-sensing features built into the new front facing camera to scan your face and place your expressions on an emoji. The great thing is that you can actually download the animojis you create and share them as regular video files on other social media.

You can use your phone to help you scan receipts and documents for work and turn them into PDFs.

Couple other items of note:

That front facing, depth sensing camera now uses Portrait Mode and takes even more beautiful selfies than before, with one caveat! If you take a "group selfie" everyone outside the center of the photos is going to be blurred a bit. That's because the rear cameras use two cameras to create the same effect while the front camera is using software and algorithms. And, if you want to fast switch between apps, slide your finger along the home bar at the bottom of the screen instead of swiping up and holding.