Toddler mistakes 6-foot alligator for turtle in sewer outside Florida restaurant

A Florida dad says his 2-year-old son spotted what he thought was a turtle in a sewer. It turned out to be a massive, 6-foot alligator!

Joe Brenner shared photos with FOX 35 News that he posted to Facebook of the big beast beneath the grates outside of a Jacksonville restaurant last month.

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"So my 2 year old looked down into the sewer outside the restaurant we were at and said ‘turtle’ not quite," Brenner wrote on the Nassau County, Florida Rants, Raves, and Reviews Facebook page. 


Credit: Joe Brenner


Credit: Joe Brenner


"And people thought I was crazy when I said gators live in the storm drains," one commenter said. 

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Brenner said he snapped a few pictures and then went and enjoyed the evening at dinner. 

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