Rules when it comes to tipping around the holidays

Here is what you need to know when it comes to who to tip – and how much!

The basic rule is you need to provide a tip to anyone who gives you a service on a regular basis throughout the year.

That includes your nail technician, babysitter, housekeeper, hairdresser, trainer… and so on.

But how much extra?

"The typical amount is either the cost of one service or between $20 to $75. So those are the people that provide regular services to you. For example, your babysitter. They charge you $50 every time they come right? So what you need to do is either you give them $50 extra for the holidays, or some type of tip between $20 to $75. And if that tip is a little too much. For example, my hairdresser. She charges $250 right? I don't have to give a tip of $250, but give a tip around $50, I think that's appropriate," said Pattie Ehsaei, Duchess of Decorum.

The overall rule is – if you can tip the cost of one service, if that is too much, if that is just too extreme – like the hairdresser – then go somewhere in the $25 to $75 range.

For those indirect services, Ehsaei says cash is king.

"This is your mail person, the sanitation person, the door person. They all provide a service, but it's indirect, right? So for those people, since you don't have a regular cost of the service. You give them a tip between $25 to $75. Remember, cash is king!"

Keep cash handy this time of year. It's not a perfect science. 

Don’t stress yourself out! The day you decide to give a tip – whoever happens to come get the bins – if we’re talking trash pick up – just give it to that one guy.

As far as Amazon and FedEx drivers, Ehsaei says you’re not obligated to pay them, but if you decide to do so, $20 works.

"Tipping is something that typically stresses a lot of people out because we're like, ‘are we doing too little?’ ‘Are we doing too much?’ So when in doubt, it's always nice to err on the side of overtipping. It is the holiday season, it is the season of giving, so overtip if you can," said Ehsaei.