This company offers to cancel your Comcast service for $5

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If you're on the edge of cancelling your subscription to cable, one company is offering to help make the process easier for you -- for just $5.00.

A couple of young software engineers -- Earl St. Sauver and Eli Pollak -- created the site AirPaper which alleviates you having to call Comcast and spend long periods of time on the phone. In the past, cable companies haven't made it very easy for customers to cancel service.

One such call to cancel cable made headlines last July when Ryan Block called Comcast to disconnect his service, and after about 10 minutes of being flustered on the phone, started recording the conversation with the customer service representative.

The process with AirPaper is relatively simple. All you would need to do is take 5 minutes to fill out a form online, which includes your name, some information about your account, when you'd like the service to end, and a means for payment. Once that information is submitted, they'll send a cancelation letter to your local branch, and after Comcast processes the request (up to 7 days), they cancel your service. AirPaper will then email you confirming the service has been canceled.

The company is using this service as their main business plan, but they also have plans to expand into other services, such as helping get a San Francisco parking permit, get a Visa to go to China, and submit a business tax registration for San Francisco.

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