The best products to get yourself 'date ready' this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just a few days away, and we want you to be ready and fresh from head-to-toe! Lifestyle expert Lauren Makk joined us on Good Day LA with some ideas:

1. HAIR: ORIBE $26.00
You've got your favorite fragrance to spritz on your neck and wrists each morning before heading out to face the day--doesn't your hair deserve a signature scent of its own too? This unique mist envelops hair in Oribe's tantalizing fragrance, so your 'do smells freshly shampooed, even on your off-days. Bonus: It cuts down on static, leaving your hair smelling sweet and looking silky-smooth.

2. ROOTS: L'OREAL $10.99

L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up is the perfect last minute date night prep. Available in 8 shades, this lightweight formula conceals grays in seconds for flawless roots, with no smudging or sticky residue. Available on


Individually packaged gold foil eye masks to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circles. The gold foil helps retain heat and prevents evaporation allowing the maximum amount of serum to penetrate the skin. The middle layer is elastic so the masks will not slip and the third is a cellulose fiber that condenses and delivers key ingredients efficiently, giving you all the skin-loving benefits you need. Hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aloe leaf extract and lavender oil offer a cooling effect while soothing and calming the under-eye area.

4. TEETH: MARVIS $7.50

Cheeky, iconic, original in one word: contemporary. Marvis surpasses the traditional concept of toothpaste. It is a world that is at once current, curious, open to new things: it transforms simple gestures of the everyday into a moment of pure pleasure. Seven concoctions for a toothpaste that charms even with its texture, extremely compact and pleasant, and which offers perfect protection, and unmistakably fresh sensation

Brushing and not flossing misses 40% of tooth surfaces. Bacterial plaque between teeth is one of the primary sources of tooth discoloration and bad breath. Our stinkiest, gassiest, bad breath-causing bacteria live below the gum line in areas only flossing can reach. Bacterial plaque left between teeth eventually becomes tartar or calculus that can only be removed by a dental professional.

With liquid mouthwash, the amount of product you take into your mouth can vary, but mouthwash tabs have been formulated and tested to be the perfect concentration of ingredients. After brushing, pop one into your mouth, take a sip of water to start the fizz, and then nibble and swish before spitting out.

7. LIPS: Vaseline Lip Therapy

Treat dry, winter lips for instant softness and soothing repair with Vaseline Lip Therapy. Choose from Rosy Lips for a slight tint from rose and red berry or Cocoa Butter for a cocoa and vanilla scent. Available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide in the brand's iconic Lip Therapy Lip Tin for $3.99 or Lip Therapy Mini for $2.29

· Cruelty-free & Vegan · Gluten-Free · No synthetics, man-made chemicals, parabens
· Small batch, made in USA, in a kitchen
· "Best When Used By" dated- because natural ingredients lose their potency as time goes by
· Easy-to-read labels using common terms in ingredients list ) by law INCI language is also included on outside packaging as a separate list)


· Exfoliator + Moisturizer + Shave Oil - all in one jar
· Use in shower after cleansing - massage into skin until sugar melts, rinse, done.
· Can also be used as a shave oil in place of your shaving cream/lotion Massage into skin until sugar melts, shave, rinse done.
· Contents settle- store upside down to ensure oil is distributed before use


This fragrance revels in the complexities of love, with warm notes of dark vanilla bean, sensuous sandalwood, provocative spices, and an unexpected kiss of sweet orchid. Dare to pair this fragrance with an exotic floral for a sweet and sultry scent. Part of the TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatal Collection, the classic cut-glass bottle with iconic imagery and a gunmetal cap will add a luxurious, enticing flair to your boudoir.

10. LEGS: Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer $6.49

-- This continuous spray lotion moisturizes and absorbs in seconds to heal dry skin for an instantly soft feel - without feeling sticky or greasy. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray Moisturize is fast to apply, quickly to dry formula contains micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly combined with pure cocoa butter for healthy glowing skin from head to toe. Available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide $6.49 (6.5 oz).

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