The beautiful and resourceful music of Landfill Harmonic

In Cateura Paraguay, an entire community is built on a landfill. Every day people sift through all the trash looking for anything that may be worth a little cash.

Alejandra Amarilla says, "Many people live off a dollar a day. It's what they can get to eat for their children and for themselves. It's a very, very difficult situation."

But in that difficult situation, something amazing was created. Musical instruments made out of garbage.

In no time, the kids of Cateura were playing beautiful music. The cello is made out of an oil container, a wooden spoon and a pallet. The guitar is made out of two cans of sweet potatoes. The violin is made out of a bread pan, the cover of a paint can and a fork holds the strings together.

The kids are in a new documentary called, Landfill Harmonic. Alejandra Amarilla pitched the story to filmmakers. She says, "It's a story of inspiration. It's a story of ingenuity and even when we have very few resources, there's a lot we can do with very little."

Landfill Harmonic will be showing at Laemmle theatre in Santa Monica starting on Friday.

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