Teen's plan to die runs into opposition

Jerika Bolen made it very clear earlier this year that she was going to attend her prom, spend a final summer with her mom, and then end her life.

But instead of a "magical" ending for the Wisconsin 14-year-old, who has an incredibly painful incurable illness, she and her mom are now facing serious pushback from disability rights groups, USA Today reports.

"A child doesn't have the capacity to make those types of decisions, and under the eyes of the law, this is a child," says Carrie Ann Lucas, director of one of the four advocacy groups asking county and state child protection officials to intervene in Jerika's case.

(The Outagamie County children's service department is citing privacy laws and staying mum about any investigation.) Jerika says the pain from her spinal muscular atrophy is so bad that even on her best days, she'd rank it a seven out of 10.

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