Teen who moved to suburbs to escape violence gets shot in Chicago

FOX 32 NEWS - A family tries to protect a teen from Chicago's violence with a move to the suburbs. But a visit back to the city ends with him shot.

Michael Moss, 15, has been with his legal guardian for almost three years. He lives in DuPage County with his siblings and his family says he was thriving.

A trip home to visit relatives, though, nearly ended in tragedy.

Moss spent Christmas in the Intensive Care Unit at Comer Children's Hospital after being shot four times.

"He did not know there was a border line between two neighborhoods where his life might be in danger," said Moss' cousin Blair Gray.

Moss was visiting relatives in the Back of the Yards neighborhood last week. He walked to McDonald's on 47th near Laflin and as he walked back, a gunman opened fire on him.

"Michael is not in a gang. Michael is an honor roll student," said Moss' legal guardian Brenda Herron.

His family says he attends Glenbard East High School and is on the basketball team.

"Chicago needs to stand up. Where are all the politicians doing, the alderman, the Mayor, everybody. Things like this don't happen in DuPage County," Herron said.

His injuries have been difficult for the family, but even more so for his three younger siblings.

Moss' 10-year-old sister tried to describe what it's been like for them.

"These are the things that we have to go through every day. Kids are crying. They want to know why. I don't have the answers," said Moss' sister Shantell.

The family is hopeful for his full recovery, but it will take time to get there.

Until then, they want to see the bigger issue of gun violence addressed and stopped in Chicago.

"White people should be upset. Latinos should be upset. Everybody should be upset. It's not a black isolated problem. And so we can be overseas as one nation, but in Chicago we divided, segregated," said Gregory Sang of New Black Leadership.

The family says the teen wants people to continue praying for him and that he just simply wants to go home.

Relatives spoke Thursday to share their pain and to ask the question many in Chicago continue asking: when will the violence stop?

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