Suffer from 'text neck' or 'commuter leg?' Try these stretches!

Do you suffer from "text neck" or "commuter leg?" Celebrity trainer Nicole Stuart joined us on Good Day LA with some stretches to do that can alleviate common ailments.

Text neck: Place your hands behind your head and pull your neck forward stretching out the back of your neck.

Commuter leg: When you get out of your car, you can stretch your quads by standing next to your car and bringing your heel back and grabbing it with one hand, pulling your heel towards your butt.

Sitting stiff hip: Either from driving or sitting in the office too long, your quads get tight. Sit in a chair and cross your heel over your knee pushing your knee down to the ground, otherwise known as a figure-4 stretch.

Slouchy Shoulder/chest stretch: From computers, texts and driving -- shoulders roll forward. Clasp your hands behind your back and lift both hands up off of your back and in the air.

Stressed-Side neck stretch: For improper posture and stress, lean your head over to one shoulder then place that same hand as the shoulder on your head and pull your head down to the shoulder.

*Large rollers are great for upper and lower back.

**Small rollers, like the size of two tennis balls, are more specific and go a bit deeper for people who like to feel the pain. It goes super deep and you can place it in any area.

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