Sprint Direct 2 U Launches in Los Angeles

Back in April we told you about Sprint's new Direct 2 You , a free cellular concierge service that delivers, sets up and activates new handsets anywhere you want them. At first the service was available only in select markets but starting Monday, June 29th you can take advantage of the service right here in the City of Angels.

The Direct 2 You service is now available in the Los Angeles metropolitan area - including Los Angeles, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach, North/West Hollywood, Pasadena, San Pedro, and Santa Ana. To refresh your memory, the service if you qualify for it, brings a Sprint employee along with your mobile device to your location in one of these snazzy Sprint emblazoned Fiats. "Los Angeles can be a tough city to get around in - and, Direct 2 You is making this a lot easier for our customers," said Kevin Kunkel, region vice president, West, Sprint.

They'll set it up and transfer all of your content, including contacts, pictures, videos and apps, from your old device to a new one. Seems like a pretty radical program for a wireless carrier when they can just have you go into a store but there's a war on right now in the cellular industry and carriers are rolling out increased savings, new rate plans and financing options, all in an effort to keep current customers and entice new ones from rival carriers.

If you're a Sprint customer in the LA area and want to take advantage of the new program, all you have to do is schedule an appointment by calling 844-347-2968 or through https://sprintdirect2you.com. They say that their experts will also provide you with some personalized training and tips to help you become familiar with using your new gadget. Something that many users might find helpful. We haven't tested the service for ourselves yet but if you have, let us know in the comments below!