SoCal couple visits 30 baseball stadiums in 30 days

Thirty stadiums in 30 days. 

A Southern California couple traveled more than 6,800 miles across America to fulfill a bucket list dream - and it all took on a very special meaning.

For the past month, Ontario residents Alan and Judi Wapner have driven thousands of miles and taken at least a dozen flights all to meet their crazy dream of visiting 30 baseball stadiums in 30 days. 

Fitting that this August, they'll celebrate 30 years of marriage.

They started in Arlington, Texas, then crisscrossed through roughly 20 states and two countries. 

It took them six months of planning. 

Among their biggest challenges was the weather.

The couple even had a special moment - when Judi got to see her nephew, a former Los Angeles Dodger, play for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Her late father loved to watch him play. 

"One of the last things he got to see was my nephew play with the Dodgers."

After all, this trip was about Judi's father.

"When he passed, he left us a little bit of money. His life surrounded baseball, our life surrounded baseball, so we figured what better than to visit all 30 stadiums." 

Judi and Alan also shared that this trip was about living life to the fullest. 

Her mom passed from Huntington's disease, a terminal illness that impacts movement and memory. 

Judi learned she has the same gene.

"If I didn't learn anything else from my mom, I learned that we have to take advantage of what we got right now," she added.  

She had a special message for her father. 

"I love you pop and I miss you."