Sheriff: Former deputy smuggled cellphone into jail

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Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb said a former deputy who was fired and charged with two felonies jeopardized the security of the jail and violated her oath of office.

Former sheriff's deputy Theresa Delgado got the book thrown at her by her own department. The 39-year-old Fairburn woman faced serious felony and misdemeanor charges.

She was accused of sneaking a cell phone into the county jail and giving it to an inmate for his own personal use.

Sheriff Babb said that was a serious breach of security that jeopardized officer safety inside the jail.

Delgado was also accused of using a fictitious name to put money of the inmates jail account. Inmates can set aside money to use for snacks at a jail store. She faced misdemeanor charges for that.

Sheriff Babb said working behind bars is the toughest job in law enforcement. And Degado's actions in no way represent the excellent job done by the rest of his staff every day.