‘She means everything to me’: Man visits wife, who has dementia, daily on his mobility scooter

How far and how often would you travel for the one you love?

Noel, 88, rides his motorized scooter from his home every day to visit his wife, Gloria, an 84-year-old dementia resident at an aged care facility in Australia.

The couple has been married for 66 years, and according to Anglicare Southern Queensland (ASQ), the lovebirds are never separated for very long.

Noah visits his beloved wife daily “with an esky full of Gloria’s favorite food,” ASQ shared.

“Every day he comes around at lunch and visits her and feeds her before she has a sleep in the afternoon,” said ASQ. “[The Jamiesons] have been married for 66 years and not even the pandemic kept them separated.”

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Footage, filmed by 10 News First Queensland, includes Noel’s telling of how the two met over 70 years ago and how Gloria saved his life once when he was having a heart attack.

“She means everything to me. Everything. I just want to go one day longer than her,” Noel said of Gloria.

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Noel shared, “Before these restrictions I used to spend three to four hours a day here. But now with these restrictions on I don’t come up until right on lunch time so that I can feed her, and then after lunch I stay and get her to sleep.”

Australia has been slowly reopening from COVID-19 lockdowns since the federal government announced a three-stage plan in May to easy restrictions.

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