Shannen Doherty has a 'long' list of people she doesn't want attending her funeral: 'I don't want them there'

Shannen Doherty is looking to add some levity to her conversations about death.

After previously revealing that her breast cancer had metastasized to both her brain and bones, Doherty says she's been forced to think about her inevitable demise and an eventual funeral.

"It's come up a couple of times, but it really came up when I was about to go in for brain surgery in January," she told her best friend Chris Cortazzo during an episode of her "Let's Be Clear" podcast. "I didn't think that I was going to make it. I redid my will and I made sure everything was like super clear." 

Cortazzo was named the executor of Doherty's will.

Since surviving that operation, Doherty has inevitably continued to think about it, sharing what she does and does not want at her own funeral.

"I was pleasantly surprised at my dad's [funeral] of who showed up. But it made me start thinking about who would show up to mine. And there's a lot of people that I think would show up that I don't want there," she admitted, without naming certain individuals.  "I don't want them there. Because the reasons for showing up aren't necessarily the best reasons.

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"They don't actually really like me enough to show up to my funeral. But they will, because it's the politically correct thing to do, and they don't want to look bad. And so, I kind of want to take that pressure off of them." 

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star is even receptive to fans being involved. 

"I don't mind my fans showing up… Those are people who've supported me my entire life and my career… I love them," she clarified.

"That's different. I'm talking about people that really don't like me," she laughed. "I just don't want those people there. And I know who they are."

Earlier in their conversation, Doherty had noted that the list was "way too long."

"I want my funeral to be like a love fest," Doherty expanded.

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"I don't want people to be crying… Or people to privately [be] like, 'Thank God that b---- is dead now." she said with a laugh. "Those are the things I don't want."

Doherty referenced a house party she once threw for her mother's birthday, noting she'd want her funeral to be similar: "I want it to be a celebration."

The 52-year-old also shared that she wants to be cremated and mixed with her late dog and dad's ashes.

Even with her humor, Doherty understands the gravity of these discussions.

"I don't know the things that I want. I know the things that I don't want. I don't find it difficult to have this conversation with you," she told Cortazzo. "Like most people would say, ‘This is the most morbid, you know, weird conversation.’ … There's something to me reassuring about it, along with very funny. And I like being funny about certain situations, especially when they're dire."

Doherty recently spoke about how she hopes to live another "three to five years," noting a cure for cancer is likely.

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