Sen. Warren says she’d vote to convict President Trump

 Senator Elizabeth Warren said that she’s ready to vote to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. 

If the President is Impeached by Democrats in the House, there would then be a trial in the Senate. Warren, like several other Democratic senators seeking the presidency, would have a vote. 

FOX 11 News anchor & political reporter Elex Michaelson asked her" “have you seen enough evidence to convict Donald Trump and remove him from office?”

Warren replied simply, “yes!”

Michaelson followed up: “So you would vote right now to remove him?”

“The evidence is clear. When Donald Trump released the transcript when he solicited a foreign government’s interference in the 2020 elections, he broke the law, and he did that in the context of already having interfered with an investigation into the 2016 election and Russia being invited to interfere in an election,” Warren said. 

She added “He has made it clear that he thinks the law doesn’t apply to him, and that the point of the federal government is to put whatever resources are needed at his disposal to protect himself politically and financially. That is not right. What he has done is commit impeachable offenses and he should be Impeached.”

Michaelson asked a similar question to several other candidates at the SEIU presidential candidate forum in Downtown Los Angeles. None answered it directly. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden was asked if he was still a Senator, how he’d vote? “I am not going to speculate what I’d do in the Senate. I’m a former Vice President. I know what occurred.”

Senator Cory Booker is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

“I have an obligation to listen to the facts in this trial, should it come to the United States Senate, he said..”

Senator Kamala Harris took a similar approach. 

“I’ll wait until the evidence comes over from the House and then I’ll share my vote with you,” she said. 

Senator Bernie Sanders missed the event as he recovers from a heart attack this week.