Rushing water continues to cause slides and falling boulders in Malibu area

A massive boulder came tumbling down onto Rambla Pacifico Street in the Malibu area Thursday morning hitting a 57-year-old woman hiker, leaving her in critical condition.

Boulders and falling rocks hit a number of people below the hillside including on nearby Topanga Canyon Boulevard. One Caltrans worker said that he was in a truck when he heard the boulder fall onto the trailer he was hauling behind.

"My wife was being yelled at to stop, stop!" said Tony Morris. He said his wife was trying to get up Topanga Canyon Boulevard before the boulder fell, but was warned to stay away by Caltrans workers.

"Caltrans is fantastic," he added. "These guys are heroes."

Much of the rain from the canyons came flowing down into neighborhoods near the coast.

"I think the worst is over for this storm," said Debbie Ryan who lives across the street from Zuma Beach. A river in her neighborhood overflowed onto roads.

"Two years ago, we had a neighbor of ours try to cross in his car, and the stream took his car, and he almost lost his life," she said.

By Thursday night, the evacuations in Malibu were lifted, but the closure on Topanga Canyon between the Pacific Coast Highway and Grand View Drive will likely remain in place until Friday.