Rose Bowl prepares for UCLA season opener

It's going to be a hot game and a hot day. UCLA plays against Bowling Green Saturday in their home opener at the Rose Bowl. 

The high temperature Saturday in Pasadena could reach 105° F, but depending on where you're sitting Saturday in the Rose Bowl it could feel hotter. 

Rose Bowl officials are taking steps to make the game a good experience for everyone. Jens Weiden, CEO of the Rose Bowl, says he, bowl officials, Pasadena Police, Fire and others have had meeting for at least two weeks to discuss what needs to deal with the crazy heat expected this weekend for the UCLA game. 

There are 90,000 seats in the Rose Bowl and what officials here are saying is that they may get about 30,000 to fill some of the seats. If you're going to be at the game, officials say start hydrating now!"

"Start hydrating now. Start making a plan of things you're going to bring with you so you have a pleasant experience," said Weiden. 

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He says people can bring two 30-ounce bottles of water and sunscreen with them. But even if you don't bring your own bottle, there will still be plenty provided at the game. 

There will be water stations all around the stadium and restrooms will have misters spraying cool water into the air for you to walk under. 

Weiden says that the two teams on the field, UCLA and Bowling Green, are already hydrating. They're also getting ready with things like electrolytes so they'll be prepared for the intense heat.

The Red Cross is planning to be on hand for people who may experience a heat illness. Erica Fraustoguado, with the Red Cross in San Gabriel and Pomona Valley, says patient complaints may well include, "... heat stroke and excessive sweating. There may be people hydrated not drinking enough water."

And Lisa Derderian with the City of Pasadena says fire and police, including a volunteer medical team that's trained for things like heat illness, will be at the ready.

"We have seen situations where there has been a heat wave where we do receive many calls everything from the tailgating leading up to the game and even post game and that's something we're prepared for because we learned from experience for many years," Derderian said. 

These warnings about bringing the right things and being prepared is also for those planning to be at the Bowl for tailgating parties. Water will be equally important for them!