Rival high school football teams join to make one teen's dream come true

It's been Jonathon Garcia's life dream...to play football

He wants to be on the field so bad but physically can't," said dad Jeff Garcia.

But during every Oxnard High School game his dad Jeff helps coach, this is the closest the 17-year-old with cerebral palsy gets to the field .

"As far as his brain...he's there, everything is there....Just his arms and his legs he can't move them - he has limited movement on them," said Garcia.

His dreams took a turn Friday.

The opposing Hueneme High team coach, Mike Gibbs, telling Jeff he wanted Jonathon to make the final touchdown

"Jeff was a quarterback at Hueneme High School when I started coaching...so I've known Jeff since I was a kid," said Gibbs.

After years of sitting on the sidelines....Jonathon getting his chance.

With football in his lap, he sped to the touchdown line in his motorized chair.

Oxnard High players cheering him on...

The opposing team...cheering just as loudly.

Coaches on both sides.....feeling like the winning touchdown was theirs.

"After Jonathan scored him and I stood and held onto each other and cried," said Gibbs.

In a game about keeping score....showing players the best parts of life can't be measured.

"We gave our kids the chance to grow up and become young men for 45 seconds of the game to understand it wasn't all about touchdowns...scoring...tackling...it's about what is best for a human being. And they got the opportunity to show that which we don't often do," said Gibbs.

Video Courtesy: Ventura County Star