Republican, Democrat and Nonpartisan voters weigh in on DNC

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was held Monday and included a variety of speakers discussing a diverse list of topics. 

FOX 11 spoke with Republican voter Peter Van Voorhis, Democratic voter Zoe Muntaner, and Jessica Levinson, who is a Nonpartisan voter about their thoughts on the convention. 

"I really want to hear a unifying message. I think both sides, the Republicans and Democrats have used coronavirus, George Floyd protests and a bunch of other things that happened in 2020 to really try to divide America. I think what the average American wants, not left-wing commentators, not right-wing commentators but the average American, I think they want hope. I think they want unity," said Van Voorhis. 

Muntaner weighed in on what she had seen after watching the first hour of the convention

"We've seen a lot of black voices that have been historically suppressed and little by little let in, so I love that. I love that they have access to a main platform but when you see the platform in paper, we don't have meaningful progress when it comes to social justice and police reform. So, I think there's a little bit of disconnect when it comes to that. I would like to see more clarity," said Muntaner. 

Levinson also shared her thoughts. 

"So far what we've seen from the convention is number one, they're trying to say, 'America we look like you and we care about a diversity of issues. We don't just care about the issues of suburban voters or rural voters,' so they're trying to really say we are a big party. The other thing they're trying to do is position themselves as very against President Trump. They're trying to get energy from the base," said Levison. 

Eva Longoria, the Moderator for the Convention, said the "last four years have been divisive," and the voters talked about their thoughts on that statement. 

"I think it's a great message for the Democrats. I have my own personal opinion on it that at times, the President can be divisive, but other times he can be unifying," said Van Voorhis. 

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"That's an understatement and as a Hispanic myself, we all know that. It needed to be stressed and it's a strategy. I believe it looked very rehearsed and melodramatic and it's very difficult to achieve that through technology to be human, more connected and more real. So far as a Democrat, I'm worried that the message is a little bit too rehearsed and too theatrical so in order to get people to the polls, we need to get their emotions," said Muntaner. 

"I think it's frankly a fairly tepid comment to start with but its what a lot of Democrats want to hear and they want to hear it on a national stage and say yes this is how we've been feeling as well. I think it's comparatively tepid for the independents and moderates," said Levinson. 

During the convention, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and nationwide protests were discussed. 

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"As far as the Democrats, using that for their own electoral good, good for them. They'll run for it as far as what they can, but it's not really something I think the Republicans would do," said Van Voorhis. 

"I think it frankly would be very tone-deaf not to acknowledge what is happening. We had nationwide protests after George Floyd so to start a political convention and not really mention that, I think would have been bizarre," said Levinson. 

"I think we need to as much as possible safely reopen things. We need to reopen schools. We need to reopen restaurants. We need to reopen our communities. We need to let people have their jobs back," said Van Voorhis. 

"If we want to see a real horror story then we reopen the economy as if nothing happened, and we might see worse results than we are hoping for," said Muntaner. 

"One of the things that I would love to hear the next leader of the free world talk about is the fact that this is a false dichotomy. It's not just health on the one hand or the economic health on the other hand," said Levinson.