Reports: Duke Flores was bound, strangled, buried, dug up, then dumped by mother and aunt

Disturbing details emerged Wednesday outlining the gruesome killing of Apple Valley 6-year-old Duke Flores, whose mother and aunt have been charged with his murder.

Duke's mother, Jackee Contreras, 29, and Duke's aunt, Jennifer Contreras, 29, were arrested in April, weeks after Duke was reported missing.

The troubling details were revealed during a preliminary hearing on Wednesday by San Bernardino County Sheriff's homicide detective Narcie Sousa, according to the Daily Press.

Sousa recalled Jackee's confession during his testimony, he said she told him that she was hanging laundry with Jennifer in the backyard on April 14, when they heard a scream coming from the garage. The pair allegedly discovered Duke, who reportedly had autism, attempting to smother Jennifer's infant daughter with a pillow. Jackee told Sousa that she recalled her sister saying, "I've got to kill him."

Duke's mother allegedly told the detective that a short time later, as the boy was positioned between the sisters, Jennifer placed a plastic bag over Duke's head and wrapped a power cord around his neck.

According to Sousa's testimony, Jackee bound Duke's hands with a second cord and then Jennifer strangled him.

The pair allegedly wrapped Duke's body in a blanket, placed him in a trash bag and buried him in their backyard.


According to Victor Valley News, seven days later, on Easter Sunday, the sisters dug up Duke's body because the family's pit bulls were digging at the makeshift grave.

The pair waited until nightfall and allegedly pulled Duke's body around the neighborhood in a wagon searching for an unlocked trash bin to dispose of the body in, reports stated. It was also reported that Jennifer's two young daughters were with them when they found the dumpster they placed him in.

Investigators discovered that there were over 100 internet searches that evening regarding what time trash gets picked up in the area.

Video surveillance recovered from a home in the area showed two adults emerge from a house with a stroller and a wagon, according to reports.

Law enforcement spent weeks searching a landfill in Victorville for Duke's body. The search was suspended on June 21, his body was never found.

Both sisters are due back in court on July 17.