Ready Player FUN in Hollywood!

There is so much FANTICIPATION! (Fan + Anticipation) for Warner Bros. & Steven Spielberg's latest action adventure: Ready Player One! Fox 11 covered the film's premiere at the Dolby Theatre on Monday of this week, but TONIGHT we experienced the Ready Player One Maze challenge on the corner of Hollywood and Vine!

The iconic corner was the same location that the famous "IT House" (Neibolt House from the film) was during the Fall of last year to promote IT's release.

Ready Player One takes us to a world set in 2045, where Virtual Reality is very much alive. The maze honors the film's central theme of VR and let's fans experience the REAL in Virtual Reality by having attendees search for hidden keys throughout the maze.

Think of an Escape Room with a video game feel! Fans line up outside and wait their turn to try and get a record time to find all 3 hidden keys! There is truly nothing like it, and this is certainly a challenge and an experience to remember! I was lucky enough to tag along with a fun group of friends, and together we made an excellent team! Did we find all the keys in the maze? Well, you'll have to watch and see for yourself!

The film opens this week, and the Ready Player One maze runs until Sunday, April 1st! The hours of operation are 11am until 11pm, and it is highly recommended to arrive earlier in the day to help secure your spot in the stand-by line!

You don't want to miss this limited attraction! Maybe you could make a plan to do the maze and see the movie in the same day?! A double feature, but the same feature. Right? Grab your friends and your best scavenger hunt strategies and enjoy the challenge!

For more information on the maze, you can go to: