Ready for Pain at the Pump?

Okay ... here's the short version. GAS PRICES ARE GOING UP! Sorry to shout, but some drivers may if they go to the pump and were aware the per gallon prices is heading north another 30 cents. and Consumer Watchdog have both suggested drivers grab some cheaper gas before it gets too high. Some stations may already be upping the price, but both groups say by weekend there should be some "pain at the pump!"

Motorists we talked with weren't surprised. We can break that into two groups. People who expected this sort of thing to happen when it was time to switch to the more expensive summer blend. That's why the increase. Summer blend lowers the butane and is supposed to be better for the environment. It has some ingredients not in the winter blend that are not as cheap as the winter blend. But, they are better for the environment.

The other group are those who are skeptical of anything fuel-makers do. Dan Ferigno is among them. He thinks the gas companies gouge.

Ready for the gas price hike?

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