Rare glimpse of manatee reaching up for snack

Hundreds of manatees are trying to stay warm by gathering together and huddling up at the Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River and one camera caught a rare glimpse of the manatee pausing and even reaching up for a snack.

The video shows the manatee reaching up and munching on some Spanish moss. The video was shared on the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge Complex Facebook page showing the manatee using his flipper to climb even higher. You can even get a good look at the nails on the flipper, the post said.

The video was shot by volunteer, Kathy Lemmer, who guides visitors through the complex and shares information about the springs and manatee conservation. She was talking to a group on Jan. 22 when she spotted the manatee grabbing a snack and started to take video.

Ever since January 9, the manatees have been flocking to the springs in droves, Ivan Vicente said.

Video of rows and rows of manatees at the springs has gone viral during Citrus County's recent cold snap. Upwards of 500 manatees were said to be gathering Wednesday night as they flock to the warmer waters. The springs put out water from the Florida aquifer that is a constant 72 degrees, and manatees can experience distress in water below 68 degrees and even die in water below 65 degrees.

The water has been closed to boaters and swimmers but viewers are welcome to visit the park and see the manatees. You can check the status of the whether the springs are open or closed to boaters and swimmers here: https://www.facebook.com/CrystalRiverComplex.

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