Questions surround Compton City Council candidate's resume

Compton City Council Candidate Jace Dawson has an impressive resume. He claims to have worked with the Obama Administration, the Clinton Campaign and Fox News Channel.

He also says he’s a longtime Compton resident. 

But those who know Dawson and the City of Compton say, none of it is true.

"One of the last things Compton needs is someone being elected who doesn't have their best interests at heart," says Political Strategist Jasmyne Cannick.

When Cannick discovered Dawson was running for Compton City Council District 2,  she thought it was odd because Dawson ran for LA City Council in 2019.

"All of a sudden, (he) flips over to Compton and starts talking about how, ‘I grew up here, I'm from here, I've always been here.’ Look, I've worked in Compton, under at least three administrations in terms of mayors; I never seen this dude," says Cannick.

Dawson’s ex-partner is also speaking out.

Thomas John Davis says, "He did not grow up in Compton, he's never lived in Compton, he grew up in Houston."

Davis accuses Dawson of lying to Compton residents.

He says, "He did not work with the Obama Administration or Hillary Clinton's campaign or anything like that."

When FOX 11 asked Dawson about his employment with Fox News Channel, he said, "When did I state that?"

It’s on his LinkedIn Account. Dawson was also asked about his employment with the Obama Administration but he never answered that question.

We checked with Fox News and they were unable to find any employment record of a Jace or Jonathan Dawson. There is also no public record Dawson worked with the Obama Administration.

Dawson told us he is a Compton resident but when asked if he has been a longtime Compton resident, he stopped answering questions and simply said,  "Have a blessed evening."

Cannick says, "All of this is designed to confuse the voter."

Her biggest concern is the senior citizen voters in Compton. 

She says, "They're not going to do the research into these candidates, they're just going to, ‘Oh, he seems like a nice, young man. Oh, I'm gonna vote for him,’ and he's not. He's a liar, he's a grifter and he's trying to take advantage of the people of Compton and their tax dollars." 

The primary Compton election is on April 20.

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