Pasadena suspends permits to at least four restaurants for violating COVID-19 protocols

Four Pasadena restaurants had their health permits suspended because they allegedly ignored warnings to adhere to the city's COVID-19 safety protocols.

The restaurants must completely close their kitchens, schedule a hearing and then have an inspection before they can reopen to any type of dining, including takeout and delivery, Pasadena Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian said Friday.

The names of the restaurants were not available, but Derderian said they had "received several clear warnings.''

Further information about how the restaurants violated COVID-19 protocols were not released, but Pasadena is still allowing outdoor patio dining, ignoring the temporary ban on in-person dining in Los Angeles County that went into effect Wednesday.

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"We want to keep restaurants operating, but that hinges on their willingness to follow the rules,'' Derderian said in a prepared statement. "This evening alone we have closed down four restaurants who were given prior warnings. Their health permits are suspended, which means they cannot operate their kitchens.''

Pasadena officials urge the public to wear masks, physically distance, and wash hands often when visiting retail stores, restaurants, and outdoor/recreational areas.

Pasadena officials will monitor parks, businesses and other areas of potential gatherings throughout the weekend to ensure that they are complying with health orders.