Parents, health officials warn of damaging viral 'Eraser Challenge'

On social media, there are many different challenges. Some have turned deadly, like the choking game. Now, doctors and schools are warning parents to look out for the 'Eraser Challenge'.

That's when kids use erasers to rub their skin raw. The winner of the challenge is the one with the biggest burn. Dr. Janesri DaSilva is the Medical Director of Kids and Teens Medical Group in Pasadena.

She says this ridiculous challenge can be harmful. "They are removing a layer to the skin. It's similar to a scalding burn. So, that's exposing the skin to different germs which can cause bacteria," says Dr. DaSilva.

The challenges can also be extremely addictive. There's the condom challenge, the BB gun challenge and the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, just to name a few.

Dr. DaSilva warns, "This is a dangerous game and I would highly recommend that you not play these types of games and stay off social media challenges that cause bodily harm. It's a form of self mutilation."

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