Panic buying returning in LA as shoppers roll their eyes at empty toilet paper aisles

“Wow, here we go again,” said Long Beach Resident Antwone Kelly.

He was referring to the empty shelves at stores. It seems people are panic shopping just like they did back in March and April.

Fox 11 viewers sent us photos and videos showing the empty shelves at stores in Granada Hills, West Los Angeles, Westwood, Diamond Bar and San Bernardino.

“I think a lot of people have a scarcity mindset and so they’re scared and people react when they’re not sure what’s gonna happen next,” says shopper Norma Piñonez.

Psychotherapist John Tsilimparis agrees. He says fear thrives and prospers in uncertainty. 

But why the obsession with toilet paper? He says, “You know, we all eat, sleep and poop and so people knowing they have plenty of that around, it makes them feel more comfortable. If you don’t have that around, nobody wants to feel dirty. Nobody wants to walk around smelling and people think that’s the most important thing to be as clean as people.”

While that may be true, it’s unsettling to those who can’t get their hands on a small pack of TP.

Shopper Wayne Stager says, “Why don’t we just share the wealth? I mean everybody just get what you need and there will be enough for everybody.” 

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