Orange County beaches majorly crowded despite stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19

“People need to get out,” said one Northridge resident arriving at Huntington Beach, one of those remaining open during COVID-19 restrictions.

OC Supervisors asked residents from Los Angeles and Inland Empires to stay away, even closed beach parking lots.

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No matter, when it got hot, they came in droves, parking in residential streets and walking their families to the sand.

At least on the waterfront, there was some room for people to distance somewhat safely, but few wore masks and most packed together on the sidewalks and beach bike trails.

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OC officials will review what happened on this hot day, and depending on how it goes on Sunday when it’s supposed to be cooler, they may, or may not, close beaches entirely next weekend.

One thing is clear, people are getting antsy, and resentful that only some open areas are open. After weeks of isolation, they are even glad to see reporters to talk to, when they get out. All kidding aside, it’s obvious to this reporter, at least, that extending the closures through the hot months will be, at best, difficult.