One-handed high school baseball player stars on the diamond

Austin Thurman is no stranger to making impressive plays on the baseball diamond, but they're even more impressive when you look a little closer: Thurman was born with just one hand.

Thurman usually plays center field for his high school team, but he also pitches and plays first base. He's spent his entire life perfecting how to play baseball in his own unique way.

"I catch it, then I turn it over, pull it out and grab the ball," he said as he demonstrated his unique fielding technique to Fox 35 Orlando.

He impresses everyone who sees him play… even members of the other team.

"It inspires me to just keep playing hard and just keep going at it," said pitcher Adam Gonzalez, who has faced off against Thurman for years.

Next up? Austin hopes he can impress the coaches at Eastern Florida State College, where he hopes to make the team as a walk-on.