North Hollywood woman fights off suspected dognappers

At the Vasquez Family home in North Hollywood, the family is still trying to figure out how things could’ve ended so badly.

Their pet bulldog named Luna gave birth to three pups a couple of weeks ago. A woman had called Osvaldo Vasquez and said she would like to visit the puppies to perhaps adopt one.

On Friday, February 12, that woman knocked on the front door and quickly introduced a man as her brother; that man then promptly went to his car for his phone and returned with a second man. At that point, the violence escalated quickly. The two men tried to grab the prized puppies and run.

But security cameras were rolling and Ana Vasquez wasn’t giving up the bulldog puppies without a fight. Vasquez told FOX 11's Laura Diaz that one man hit her so hard he cut off her air supply.

But she kept on fighting; pulling on clothing screaming and yelling, while the puppies squealed in the background. At one point, Vasquez locked the front door so the men couldn’t get out, but the two intruders took the screen off the window and tossed the puppies out the window.

Ana Vasquez then grabbed a statue and threw it at the fleeing assailants. Twelve-year-old Sophia Vazquez had been in her room, headphones on, but it became so noisy, even she heard the commotion. Now, both the mother and daughter were trying to save the 8-week old puppies from a group of dognappers.

Osvaldo Vasquez was at work when the intruders entered his home. But he’s seen the video. He said it makes him sad and angry to watch it. He’s asking for the public’s help. The two men remain on the run, they left the female companion behind who was arrested.

As for Ana Vasquez, I asked if she was ever scared.  

She responded like a protective mother.

"Yes, I was. But in reality, these puppies are a part of the family," said the North Hollywood mom.

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