New year, new laws: here's what's changing in 2021

The New Year brings with it new laws. Here in California some of that new legislation deals specirfically with the coronavirus pandemic.

Employees in the state can now receive workers compensation if they contract the virus on the job, unless employers prove otherwise. Another law, requires CAL/OSHA to provide agriculture workers, in both Spanish and English, information on ways to prevent the coronavirus. 

In food facilities, employees must be able to wash their hands every 30 minutes and take additional time if needed. 

Hospitals must maintain a supply of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and supply it to endangered employees. The state itself must also build a stockpile under a separate law. 

Starting today, businesses will be required to notify employees about possible exposure and which benefits they can receive. 

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In addition, a few non-coronavirus related laws go into effect on January 1. Good samaritans who rescue children from overheating unattended cars will no longer be liable for the damage, if they call 911 before breaking into a vehicle.

Starting today, insurance companies can no longer deny life or disability income because of HIV.

The sale of most flavored tobacco products is now banned under a new law.