Netflix's new animated adventure 'The Willoughbys' features all-star cast

What do Alessia Cara, Maya Rudolph, Jane Krakowski, Terry Crews, and Will Forte have in common? They’re all animated...both on and off-screen for Netflix’s new adventure "The Willoughbys."

The movie focuses on the Willoughby children learning the true definition of family; when they think they can raise themselves. High stakes and high energy, it feels like a live-action picture book.

FOX 11's Amanda Salas talked to the cast through a virtual set-up to talk about the perks of lending their voices to an animated film.

Alessia Cara makes her film debut and revealed the film took three years to make. 

It was a "Saturday Night Live" reunion for former cast members Maya Rudolph and Will Forte. Rudolph, a mother of four, plays the eccentric Nanny in the film and shares her own interesting babysitting story.

Terry Crews and Jane Karkowski bring the fun and laughter in a game called “Willoughby or Wontaby” quarantine edition.

Watch the fun interview above.

The Willoughbys is now streaming on Netflix.