LA evolving into ‘dystopia' under Gascón: Nathan Hochman announces run for DA

Former US Assistant Attorney General Nathan Hochman has entered the race to unseat LA County DA George Gascón

Hochman announced his candidacy on April 3, saying Los Angeles under Gascón is evolving into a ‘dystopia' where lawlessness reigns supreme.  

"I'm a lifelong Angeleno. I was born here, grew up here, raised here, schooled here. I, like millions of Angelenos who love this place and do not want to move away from it, are prepared to fight for it. And we are disgusted and disappointed with the pro-criminal blanket policies that our current DA George Gascón has enacted," 

He said Gascón's policies are moving "from the county of Angels to a dystopian, Gotham-esque sort of existence where lawlessness is reigning supreme,"

He called Gascón's policies dangerous and said he is playing ‘politics with people’s lives'. He believes the DA's role is to enforce the law, not create them. 

Hochman was originally registered as a Republican but switched to Independent. 


"You need a district attorney who doesn't fear or favor any particular group or party, and that's what I would bring in the independent part of what I'm standing for," Hochman told FOX 11. 

Hochman added that he is pro-choice and didn't vote for Donald Trump in the elections. 

When asked about LA County's proposal calling for the "depopulation and decarceration" of county jails, he said we will bring his skills as a former federal prosecutor, US Assistant Attorney General, and President of the LA City Ethics Commission to ‘deal with the LA County Board of Supervisors'. 

Last year, Hochman, who was running as an independent, was the Republican candidate for California Attorney General but lost to Rob Bonta. 

Other candidates running for LA County DA include Deputy DA John McKinney and prosecutor Jonathan Hatami.