Multi-million dollar SoCal homes teetering off cliff as another storm looms

Three large cliffside homes in Dana Point affected by some erosion due to the recent winter storms are being monitored Tuesday but don't appear to be in any danger, an Orange County supervisor said.

"It looks more dramatic than it actually is," Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley said Monday.

Foley said the city manager reported a building inspector is out at the three homes, but there has been no structural damage, and the homes are not expected to be red-tagged.

Some of the cliffside eroded, but there are no evacuations planned, Foley said.

But with the ground so saturated and with more rain expected, "things are going to change" along the shoreline, Foley said.

City officials issued a statement about the homes:

"A landslide occurred early last week at a blufftop location adjacent to Scenic Drive in the city of Dana Point. The city's geotechnical engineer and a building inspector went out to the site to assess the situation, as well as talk with the homeowner who owns the residence and slope where the failure occurred. Currently the city has confirmed that there is no imminent threat to the home, and no further action is being taken at this time."