Mountain lion living in Santa Monica Mountains gives birth to adorable litter of kittens

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P-54, a 3-year-old mountain lion living in the Santa Monica Mountains, gave birth to a litter of kittens, according to biologists with the National Park Service.

She gave birth to two boys, P-82 and P-83, and one girl, P-84, Researchers believe this is her first litter.

According to a release, biologists say the discovery of this litter is great news. As the presumed father, P-63, may have brought something that is much needed into the Santa Monica Mountains – genetic diversity.

Researchers say over four months ago they noticed P-63, the only adult male radio-collared mountain lion, roaming the area with P-54.They say about 90 days later they noticed several GPS locations which indicating that either P-54 was feeding at a kill site or that she gave birth.

“The last litter of kittens that we marked at a den was from P-19, during the summer of 2018,” said biologist Jeff Sikich, who has been studying mountain lions for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area since 2002.

“That litter was likely the product of inbreeding, which is just one of the serious problems facing the isolated mountain lion population in the Santa Monica Mountains south of the 101 Freeway. We’re hoping this circumstance is totally different, but only genetic testing will tell us for sure.”

The three kittens were examined and all are said to be healthy. They were each given an ear tag to help identify them.