Mom's emotional reaction to seeing son in late father's shirt goes viral

An everyday object can sometimes hold a special meaning when it reminds you of someone, more so when that object belonged to someone you lost long ago.

For Clayton Walker, that special memento is his late father’s shirt, who passed away when he was only a year old.

In a heartfelt video shared to Twitter, Clayton record his mother’s heartwarming reaction to seeing him in said shirt, and in the caption he wrote:

You hear Walker ask his mom how he looks, and after her initial surprise of taking the whole look in, she begins to tear up. The two embrace in a warm hug, followed by "I love yous."

Naturally, the video quickly went viral and to date, has been viewed over 10 million times and has thousands of retweets. 

Even more heartwarming, is that the video prompted many people to share their personal stories on having lost a parent and the memorabilia they treasure dearly.

"My dad drowned when I was 13..I don’t have shirts of his but I have his favorite hat and I wear it on special occasions brother!!! Hats off to you and ur family respect!!!!!," one user wrote.

Another person said, "Lost my dad at 12 and I wear his cologne. #Salute"

In a follow up tweet from Walker, he thanked everyone for their sweet messages-- even the haters.