Mom sues LAUSD after she says son was vaccinated without her consent, suffered side effects

The mother of a 13-year-old student at Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy is filing a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District after she says her son was vaccinated against COVID-19 without her consent and suffered side effects as a result. 

Maribel Duarte and her lawyer Nicole Pearson of Facts Law Truth Justice, LLP. announced the lawsuit during a press conference Wednesday outside LAUSD offices. 

"He's lacking of breath, doesn't sleep well, he doesn't do exercise the way he did. He is not normal to me," said the boy's mom.

She claims her son was offered a piece of pizza in exchange for a COVID shot and then allegedly coerced into forging his mom's signature.

Immediately after getting the vaccine, Duarte said he started experiencing Symptoms. 

The family's attorney says they are filing a lawsuit after a damage claim was ignored by both the school and the district.  

LAUSD released the following statement in response, "Los Angeles Unified does not typically comment on threatened, pending or ongoing litigation matters."