Meghan Markle's teachers reminisce about their student

It's a fairytale story that started right here in Los Angeles. Meghan Markle is about to marry a prince and her teachers could not be more thrilled. They say the girl we see on TV is the same girl they knew in school.

Markle attended 7-12th grade at Immaculate Heart Catholic School for girls in Los Feliz. She was class of '99. She's even spoken of the influence of teacher Maria Pollia. Both shared a passion for volunteering on skid row at a soup kitchen. Pollia says Markle had asked for advice as she was scared to go back. Pollia told her "safety first" and then "you have to put the needs of others above your own fears." Markle has used that quote in interviews.

Theology Chair Christine Knudsen remembers Markle as an articulate, interested student. "You knew she was listening." The teacher was so impressed she recommended Markle for a senior leadership program called Kyros.

Markle was also active in school theater and went on to star in the series Suits. Knudsen was thrilled to see was working. When Markle addressed the UN on philanthropy, Knudsen showed that speech to her students.

Markle will marry England's Prince Harry on May 19th.